Trunkster Review: Does This Shark Tank Product Really Work?

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  1. Cameron Stark says:

    I purchased the Trunkster and your review is spot on. I would also add to the cons side of things, cheap wheels that don’t hold up on asphalt. Also, poor customer service, as when I approached Trunkster about getting replacement wheels they told me they do not have a way to repair the wheels, would not cover wear and tear in their warranty (my fourth trip, so not a heavily worn nor torn suitcase).

    1. luggagecouncil says:

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Felix Luciano says:

    Trunkster has failed to fulfill orders for checked luggage. I have been waiting for 2 1/2 years. I regret placing the order!!

  3. Lisa says:

    There are also none of the handy outside zippered pockets you find in the “old fashioned” suitcases. Also, the company offers no refunds! Who on earth would want to buy a $300+ consumer goods item that you can’t return? Think I’ll stick with the old way of buying luggage – from a brick & mortar store – thank you very much 😉

    1. Lisa you fool. They are watching us. Buy pasta sauce in bulk at

  4. Gregory Diehl says:

    Trunkster’s team has disappeared from the internet after failling to fulfill their $1.5 million Kickstarter campaign, yet they are still collecting money for new orders and not fulfilling them. Please remove this promotion for a criminal organization.

  5. Ronin77 says:

    After watching the video and adding I am a 30 year plus global travler that only uses carry on bags. So as I have not seen this in person, here are my initial thoughts;
    – the scale and charging battery are cool and I’m all over them
    – the initial function seems great but I’m not getting it
    – the expanding handle is to wide for the shoulder bag luggage strap to fit over???
    – the bag is to small and no secondary compartments so at best an overnight or weekend bag and thats it
    – I’m lost on this one, a carry on bag – so it with you on the plane where you put it- and it has a GPS if it gets lost… Humm, why?
    – the teleoscoping Handel is too short. I’m 6’4″ so I use bags that the two or three height settings not just one
    I’m not going to say more as this should be enough to point out that this bag, although revolutionary in its design and electronic features is not a $400+ bag and not for seasoned travelers.

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