Away Luggage Review: Is This Smart Luggage Worth Your Money?

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  1. Mari says:

    Did you by any chance use this on uneven surfaces like cobblestone or something? Just wondering how well it rolled in those locations. Thanks!

  2. Alexander Goren says:

    My present carry-on weighs 5.2 lbs while yours weigh 7 or 7.3 lbs. Can you make a lighter version with the same bells and whistles? I have a problem lifting.

  3. Jon says:

    Given it’s light weight, how well does it resist crushing when under-filled?

  4. Taylor says:

    Got delayed at JFK for 5 hours waiting to go to a wedding on the west coast. It was a nightmare. I forgot the box plug that allows you to charge your phone in an outlet and only had the USB cord. My phone was literally about 5% away from dying until I remembered that I was traveling with my Away carry on. Plugged it in and saved me! I had my boarding pass ON my phone and probably wouldn’t have been able to board without my phone being charged (so I could show them my ticket). The only thing about this luggage is that it isn’t cheap. I bang it into a lot of stuff. It’s held up but who knows when it’s going to take a fall and finally crack.

  5. Reana says:

    Why is it so expensive? For that price it better have a lifetime warranty. I want to be able to have this thing forever!

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