Items You Should NEVER Pack For An International Trip

Convinced you absolutely need something for your trip overseas, only to realize you’re lugging extra items around for no reason? We’ve done the research so you can shed the weight. Read on for our list of items that you should never pack for a trip overseas.

  • international trip1- Extra gadgets – Put down and step away from the portable DVD player. Remember you’re on a trip to see and do, not sit inside your hotel room and watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the thirty-fifth time (so guilty).
  • 2- Items you can probably buy abroad – Grocery and convenience stores exist in other countries, too! Do not pack a bulky case filled with bandaids, two umbrellas, and a CostCo size bottle of aspirin. Unless you’re traveling to the middle of nowhere you can most likely find extras of any essentials not too far away.
  • 3- More than one guidebook – Find a great guidebook and write extra notes or stick extra maps into it when you pack.
  • 4- Every piece of jewelry you own – A trip to a foreign country is not the ideal time to flaunt your possessions, and that includes all your bling. If you’re going to bring items that are precious to you, keep them in separate places to avoid potentially losing everything.  Always be aware of your surroundings and consider purchasing travel insurance. If something were to happen to your valuables while you’re traveling, contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate.
  • 5- Extra clothes – Unless you’re traveling to an extremely remote location – where your water supply is limited – there’s virtually no need to bring extra clothes when you can do a quick sink wash and line dry. You could also splurge and use your hotel’s laundry services.
  • 6- Bulky items – cold weather trips can seem daunting when you’ve got down coats and winter accessories to pack. Rather than pack large items that take up a lot of space, pack in layers and adjust accordingly. Worst case scenario you can always purchase bulkier items once you’ve arrived.

Prepare a pre-trip checklist and record all the contents of your travel bag. This will not only come in handy as you decide what is completely necessary, but will also help you keep track of your possessions once you’re abroad.

Finally, there are some majorly important items you cannot forget to pack. These include important travel documents like your passport (plus copies), cash and credit cards, chargers and adapters with the proper plugs and voltage, and snacks (always snacks).

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