Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale Review

For being one of the cheaper scales on the market, the Luxebell electronic luggage scale is actually a pretty decent choice. It’s simple, easy to use, and gives mostly accurate readings, with a few discrepancies.


Luxebell is a unique company that sells a hodgepodge of gadgets and products, including travel gear, kitchen equipment, makeup brushes, and even selfie sticks. Most of the products listed are pretty inexpensive, but still maintain positive customer reviews.


  •      Capacity: 110lbs/50kgs
  •      Units of measurement: lb/kg
  •      Room temperature display
  •      Low battery indication
  •      Overload indication
  •      Runs on lithium battery
  •      Tare function
  •      Green backlit LCD display


  •      Easy to use
  •      Provides quick reading
  •      Small/lightweight
  •      Easy to switch units


  •      Some discrepancies in weight readings

The Luxebell is comparable to the Camry electronic luggage scale. It’s nearly identical in design, and also has a temperature display function. It’s pretty much your basic, bare-essentials luggage scale. Like the Camry scale, it has the advantage of having its own unit button, separate from the on/off button. This allows you to change units any time after you’ve turned on the scale, unlike other scales that have just one all-purpose button, requiring you to switch units immediately after turning it on. It’s a small advantage, but it might save you a little bit of time.

The temperature display is another cool bonus, and could come in handy if you’re traveling somewhere with extreme climates.

To use the scale, simply turn it on, wrap the strap around the handle of your luggage, and lift horizontally. To switch units, press the unit button.

The Luxebell scale is one of the cheapest scales on the market, listed at only $7.99 on their website. That said, I did find a few more discrepancies among the readings I took. My first bag, the smallest, gave virtually the same reading over three different trials. My second two bags, which were bigger and heavier, displayed a larger window of error. One of the larger bags had a difference of almost half a pound in the second reading, which is more off than some of the other scales I’ve tried. It’s not wildly off, but sometimes precision really can make a difference if your bag is approaching that 50 pound limit.


Overall, this scale is convenient and handy, but as far as reading accuracy goes, it is slightly lacking. But for the lower price, it’s definitely a fine scale that will get the job done.

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