EatSmart Precision Voyager Luggage Scale Review

The Precision Voyager digital luggage scale from EatSmart is set apart from other scales with its unique soft grip handles. And while it doesn’t come with any fancy add-ons, its accuracy makes it one of the best scales out there.


EatSmart sells a variety of scales, mainly for the bathroom and kitchen. They also sell a medley of other items, like thermometers and packing cubes for your suitcase. They’re also known for having excellent customer service, and will send you a new product if something is wrong with the one you’ve purchased.


  •      Capacity: 110 lbs/50kgs
  •      Units of measurement: lb/kg
  •      Runs on lithium battery  
  •      Overload indicator
  •      Auto power-off function


  •      Easy to use
  •      Provides quick and accurate reading
  •      Two handed SmartGrip design
  •      Strap has a buckle
  •      Comfortable grip
  •      Easy to read, blue LCD backlight display


  •      Bulkier than other scales
  •      Does not have tare function

The Precision Voyager’s design sets it apart from other luggage scales. Many scales are designed as a single, horizontal bar, but the Precision Voyager is one of the few that employs a circular grip design. This makes holding it much more intuitive, and easier if you’re weighing heavier luggage. The downside to this is that adds a little more bulk, so it will take up more space in your bag. The strap also has a buckle, which, in addition to the circular grip, makes it well equipped to weigh heavier luggage. But again, this does add some extra bulk.

I did find this to be the most precise scale I’ve tried so far when it comes to the actual weighing, even more so than the Balanzza or Dunheger. It was consistent and accurate for three different bags, over three different trials for each bag. This should be the most important factor when choosing a luggage scale, so if you’re really just looking for something that will accurately weigh your luggage, you can’t go wrong with this one.  Here’s how to use the scale.

Overall, the Precision Voyager is highly accurate and easy to use, and in my opinion has the most comfortable grip. If you’re looking for something compact, this might not be the scale for you, as it’s bulkier than other scales. And while it doesn’t have any fancy functions, it will get the job done quickly and accurately.

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