Raden Vs Bluesmart- Which One Should You Get?

Bluesmart and Raden have two of the most talked about smart luggage carry-on offerings. Both are attracting good reviews, but you may have a hard time deciding between the two. Read on for a side-by-side comparison of both suitcases!

Key Differences

  • Bluesmart weighs one more pound than the Raden
  • The Raden has very slightly more packing space
  • Bluesmart costs $154 more
  • Bluesmart may have a durability advantage over certain versions of the Raden
  • There are subjective style differences


Size Differences

The Bluesmart and Raden both measure in at  22” x 14” x 9,” a standard carry-on size that should fit in most airline cabins.


The Bluesmart is a  9.4 lbs, while the Raden is slightly lighter at 8.4 lbs.

Packing Space

The Bluesmart has a zippered main compartment and a secondary compartment able to accommodate a 15” laptop. While I could fit enough clothing and shoes for a quick 3-4 day trip, note that it might be difficult to get a week’s worth of clothing in there. The Raden has zippered mesh interior compartments, and is a bit more roomy as I could fit in enough items for a 5-6 day trip.


The Bluesmart, made of polycarbonate and aluminum, and the Raden, made of polycarbonate, are both very durable. I’ve used both and noticed no discernible scratches or scuff marks on the Bluesmart; however, the black gloss version of the Raden does have a tendency to get scuffed up.


The Bluesmart is currently retailing for $449 while the Raden is sold for $295.

Tech Features

Both suitcases boast a designated app, with both offering weight sensors and location technology. The Raden’s app additionally offers real time traffic and weather reports, and the option to save your “home” airport location and the option to request an Uber through the app. Both feature USB ports, capable of charging phones, tablets, etc. Both apps are easy to use and feature pleasant interfaces – the Raden has the slight edge as it offers a few more features.


Both suitcases are four-wheel spinners and were similar in how they “moved.” In my experiences thus far, I felt both suitcases easily glided on different surfaces (sidewalk, carpet, and flooring).


The Bluesmart currently comes in its original design (which is straightforward and fairly “techie” so business types may prefer it) and an all-black version. The Raden offers many more options, with ten color offerings: black, hunter, navy, light blue, light purple, light pink, white, gold, silver, and bronze. Both suitcases have a clean, minimalist design, although the Raden is more sleek.

Which Should You Get?

I would call the difference in tech features a wash, so I think the decision should come down to your style preference and whether you think the $154 price difference is justified.  Both are pretty cool suitcases, so I think you’ll probably enjoy either one!

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