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Briggs & Riley’s “Sympatico” collection offers a sleek take on the popular hardshell spinner, and features three sizes of carry-on suitcases: a large, medium, and “international carry-on.” I recently got the chance to borrow the international carry-on spinner from a friend, who has used it on many trips already, in order to see how it stacks up with past hardshell spinners I’ve reviewed, such as the TUMI carry-ons. Although Briggs & Riley’s version lacks the technological capabilities of the recent “smart luggage” trend, I found the International Carry-On to be a worthy contender in the field of up and coming luggage brands.

Who Makes It:

Briggs & Riley was founded in 1993, but its parent company U.S. Luggage LLC has been an innovator in the luggage world for nearly a century, including pioneering the first wheeled luggage in 1970. The creators behind the brand aim to combine efficiency, real world needs, as well as high quality design. The company has continued to pioneer in the modern era, with Briggs & Riley offering a “no questions asked” lifetime warranty, which even covers damage caused by an airline! The company asserts that this policy covers every bag they have made, from 1993 to present.


Key Features:

  • Four-Wheel Hard Shell Spinner
  • 21” x 14” x 9”
  • 6.7 lbs: made primarily of polycarbonate
  • Zippered interior compartments
  • Comes in Black, Burgundy, Marine Blue
  • Retail $389
  • Built-in TSA-Friendly combination lock


My Experience:

Briggs & Riley’s International Carry-On Spinner is very stylish, with a sleek, modern design. A friend of mine allowed me to use his bag in order to test it out. The type I received is the “marine blue” and I will admit to being a bit disappointed that only two other colors are offered, especially as more up and coming brands like Raden are starting to offer more eye-catching, trendy colors such as pink or purple. For those preferring a more classic and professional vibe, however, Briggs & Riley’s limited color scheme might be ideal.

The suitcase’s polycarbonate shell is tough but light, but I will caution that the suitcase seems to scuff fairly easy. As noted above, I used the bag after a friend who’s used it on trips before, and it wears the scar of journeys past, with white scuff marks on the side. Personally, that doesn’t bother me – I don’t mind a well-loved object. More image-conscious folks might want to keep that in mind, though.

A plus is that the suitcase’s wheels glide particularly well, too. I had to drag it through NYC sidewalks, the subway, and eventually a bus and found that it didn’t snag on carpet or get stuck on bumpy sidewalks. For an international carry-on being used on all manner of surfaces, this is a definite plus! Ultimately, the main draw for me is the interior of the bag. I found it to be more spacious than other carry-ons I’ve used and reviewed, with handy zippered compartments to truly organize my belongings. I think you could easily fit clothing for at least a week into the deep interior, making this is a great choice for a longer trip away.



  • Roomy interior
  • Stylish
  • Cool tech features
  • Very easy to move around


  • May be pricey for some
  • Can scuff with some wear and tear

What You Need to Consider Before Buying:

At $389, Briggs & Riley’s international carry-on is competitively priced for a classically designed hardshell spinner. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the outer shell does appear to scuff fairly quickly, and some might find the price range to be a bit high in that regard. I don’t mind the appearance of a well-loved object, and believe that one of the outweighing pros is the roomy interior, which I found to contain enough space for a trip of a week, or more.

Briggs & Riley Carry On
Easy to move/roll
Reviewer 4.2


Briggs and Riley’s international carry-on suitcase is a classically stylish, lightweight yet durable option in the world of hardshell spinners. Its companion app is easy to use and has some cool features, including Bluetooth-enable location technology and a weight calculator. While the suitcase may be expensive for some at $389, it’s the standard price point for a bag of its type, particularly for business travelers. For such folks, the easy gliding wheels and roomy interior make it a great choice for a long trip abroad!

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