4 Packing Tips For Your Next Business Trip

Travelers who find themselves flying all over the world for work may occasionally struggle with how best to pack for such high-stress trips. Packing for business requires keeping luggage easy to carry but also looking polished and having everything you need for an important meeting. Check out some of our favorite tips for getting the art of packing for a business trip down to a science, whether it’s an international trip to London or domestic travel back and forth between New York and Los Angeles.

Check the Weather and Any Differing Business Attire Standards

Start by checking the upcoming weather of your destination,  in order to determine what outerwear, if any, is needed. Then, if you’re traveling internationally, double-check standards for international business attire, bearing in mind that it’s always best to dress conservatively as a rule. Women can never go wrong with suits and simple blouses while men should also stick to well-tailored suits and classic business shirts. Contact your airline to see if you can hang a garment bag with your suit up in the cabin. Stick with neutral colors, and downsize to two pairs of shoes – dressy and casual.

Save Space by Rolling or Folding Your Clothes

Try to stick to a carry-on, as traveling for business often means you’ll be rushing from airport to meetings or events and you will want to avoid any lost luggage or baggage carousel delays. In order to maximize the limited space, use the rolling and flat folding techniques! What you choose will be a matter of preference, but both methods are easy to learn. You can also save space by investing in packing cubes and mesh bags, which can help you compress your belongings further.

If You Travel Often, Plan Ahead With Toiletries

If you travel for work frequently, and have your hair care and skin care routines all figured out, consider saving time by making a to-go ziploc bag containing TSA-approved products. Most hair care companies and skin care companies offer travel size versions of face wash and shampoo for purchase on their website, so plan ahead and stock up. Be sure to check with the TSA for the most up-to-date rules!

Make Sure You Have Necessary Adapters

If your work takes you all over the globe, you’ll want to be extra aware of having the right plug convertors, so your phone and computer will continue to work while abroad! Once you know where you’re going, check this handy chart  to see what types of outlets are at your destination and consider picking up a streamlined universal adapter, available online and in most stores.

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